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It is a vigorous, orange orchid called the Kagawara Bukit Timah. The flower measures 7.5cm across and was picked because its striking colour symbolises passion, optimism and cheerfulness. It is a hybrid involving the Renanthera, Vanda and Ascocentrum.


It was specially created for the constituency and is registered with the Royal Horticultural Society of England. This is all thanks to Bukit Timah Primary School, which wanted to create a community symbol, as well as to start its own orchid garden.


Ex-Principal Raja Rajendra once said: "We saw it as a good chance for the school to bond with the community. We are planning to open up the school for tours to our planned garden. This will help residents to appreciate orchids and get to know our school better." The school also plans to gold plate some of the blooms to raise funds for the school






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